5 Nov 2011

Key undecided on endorsing Banks for Epsom seat

9:46 am on 5 November 2011

National Party leader John Key says no decision has been made on whether he is going to endorse ACT Party candidate John Banks in the Epsom electorate.


ACT may need to secure the Auckland seat to remain in Parliament, as it is polling too low to make it back on party votes.

ACT has been a strategic partner for National during its term in office.

A recent National Business Review poll showed that National's candidate Paul Goldsmith would win Epsom, but that ACT would secure the seat if Mr Key indicated he wanted Mr Banks to win.

Mr Key will say only that National is running a party vote campaign in Epsom. He says people in Epsom voted tactically in 2005 and 2008 to put ACT in, and they may do so again.

Mr Key says whether he has a cup of tea with Mr Banks, which will effectively endorse him, is a matter for another day.