11 Nov 2011

National pledge to toughen up on some licences

7:04 pm on 11 November 2011

The National Party is promising to crack down on people who sit on their learner and restricted drivers licences for prolonged periods.

If re-elected on 26 November, the party says it would tweak the graduated licence scheme and introduce harder tests.

Transport spokesperson Steven Joyce says at present, more than 230,000 drivers have been sitting on either a learner or restricted licence for five years.

Mr Joyce says the amount of time people can remain on either licence may be reduced to three years, but that timeframe would need to be open to consultation.

People exceeding the time limit could be bumped down to a lower licence.

The party also plans to make the restricted licence test tougher, with more hours of supervised driving required before people can go solo.

It also wants to change motorcycle licence testing, including introducing a power-to-weight restriction for novice riders.