Election 2014

15 Nov 2011

Billboard defacers won't rule out more stunts

2:09 pm on 15 November 2011

The person who claims to speak for the group responsible for an organised hit on the National Party's election billboards says it has made valid political statements.

The unnamed group says it has defaced 700 National Party billboards, plastering slogans on them including "The Rich Deserve More" and "Drill it! Mine it! Sell it!"

The organiser, who calls himself Jo Henky - an anagram of John Key - says the group's stunt was political satire and an entirely appropriate way of engaging with the campaign.

The National Party is considering going to police and the Electoral Commission over what it says is vandalism.

Its president Peter Goodfellow says he does not know how many billboards were defaced but it would be in the hundreds.

Labour Party campaign spokesperson Grant Robertson says damaged billboards are part of any election campaign.

"Some of it is more at the humorous end. There's been quite a few moustaches added for 'Mo-vember' but there's also the sort of destruction of them which really is very frustrating", he says.

Green Party co-convenor Roland Sapsford says defacing billboards is anti-democratic and his party doesn't condone it.

Jo Henky says at this stage he is not contemplating carrying out any more satirical stunts but has not ruled it out. He says it is a case of "wait and see".