24 Nov 2011

National retains wide lead in polls

6:44 pm on 24 November 2011

The National Party retains a large advantage over the Labour Party in two opinion polls released on Thursday.

The One News-Colmar Brunton Poll has National on 50% support - down about three points compared to its poll released a week ago - while Labour is on 28% support.

The Green Party polled 10% and New Zealand First was on 4% which is below the threshold needed to return to Parliament without an electorate seat.

The Conservative Party was on 2.4% and ACT was on 1.7%.

In the 3News-Reid Research Poll, National rose slightly to 50% and Labour fell to 26%, its lowest point since the mid 1990s.

The Green Party was on 13% support, New Zealand First on 3.1%.

The Conservative Party had 1.8% support and ACT was on 1%.

In both surveys, the margin of error is 3.1%.