27 Nov 2011

Dunne expects deal with National to be done quickly

1:48 pm on 27 November 2011

United Future leader Peter Dunne says he hopes to have a similar agreement with the National Party as he had in the previous Parliament.


Mr Dunne held the Ohariu electorate with a majority of 1646 over Labour Party candidate Charles Chauvel.

He will once again be his party's sole MP in Parliament as United Future won only 0.61% of the party vote.

Mr Dunne told Morning Report's election special that he had a brief conversation with National Party leader John Key on Saturday night.

He says he hopes an agreement with National can be written up and signed within ten days.

"With my support and with the support, I guess, of ACT and the Maori Party a government can be put together relatively easily."

He told the programme he imagines there will be some discussion during the coming week and does not think it will take too long after that to come to an agreement.

Mr Dunne held ministerial positions in the last government, but says it is too early to say what role he may play this time.