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A selection of the best interviews and debates from the 2011 General Election campaign as featured on Radio New Zealand's programmes, and full interviews and media conferences recorded by our reporters throughout the campaign.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Post election meetings continue at Parliament today

The support agreements between National, and ACT and United Future are starting to take form and both minor party's are confident they're working toward meaningful concessions.

David Parker pulls out of Labour leadership race

In a shock move, one of the MPs vying for the Labour Party leadership, David Parker has pulled out, just two days after declaring he would be in the race.

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Jones on his leadership ambitions with Labour

Labour Party MPs are stressing the need for unity in the face of the twin hurdles of picking a new leader and rebuilding after their worst election result in decades.

Labour faces potentially divisive leadership contest

The Labour Party is facing a potentially divisive two-week leadership race, as up to four MPs vie to replace Phil Goff in the party's top job.

Loyal, hard working but Goff not always dealt best hand

A loyal, hard working politician - but one that was often dealt a bad hand. That's one assessment of Phil Goff whose tenure as the leader of the Labour Party will end in two weeks time after the party's worst election result in 92 years.

Campaign to select next Labour leader gets underway

The campaigning, lobbying and some say even back stabbing has begun in the contest for who will become the next Labour Party leader. Phil Goff has given two weeks' notice of his intention to step down, which paves the way for a leadership election in just a fortnight.

Contest for Labour leadership is underway

Three, possibly four, MPs are in the race to replace Phil Goff after he announced yesterday he would resign in two weeks.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Goff resigns, three main contenders in tussle to take over

Phil Goff has confirmed he's stepping down, triggering a race for the leadership of the Labour Party between three main contenders.

Act knows what it wants from ongoing talks with National

Act's lone MP, John Banks, met with his party's board last night to discuss yesterday's coalition talks with John Key.

US expert says NZ voter turnout part of global trend

Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government's professor of government and media, Thomas Patterson, says voter turnout has dropped across all advanced democracies by about five to ten percent over the past decade.

Disgruntlement with parties & campaigns behind voter apathy

Growing discontent with political parties and stage managed election campaigns may have turned off many of 32% of those eligible that didn't vote in Saturday's election.

Contest to replace Labour Party leadership underway

The current leader Phil Goff, and his deputy Annette King, are expected to stand down this morning at a party caucus meeting - paving the way for a battle to replace them.

Other parties contribute to NZ First success

The need for a trong foil to the National Party may have given voters reason to vote for New Zealand First, at the cost to other opposition parties.

Maori Party begins confidence and supply talks with John Key

The Maori Party hopes it can enter into a confidence and supply agreement with the National Party, without having to support the partial sale of state assets. Maori Party president Pem Bird speaks with Geoff Robinson.

Labour Party Leader Phil Goff expected to resign

The Labour Party leader, Phil Goff, is expected to announce his resignation today when Labour MPs meet just before ten this morning. He's expected to stay on as the Mt Roskill MP for the coming term.

Maori Party hopes to leave asset sales out of any pact

The Maori Party is hoping it can reach a confidence and supply agreement with the National Party without having to support the partial sale of state assets.

Experts say opinion polls relevant despite new survey methods

Market research company iPredict says its results were closer to those of the final than 41 of the 51 traditional opinion polls published in the eight months before election day.

Monday, 28 November 2011

John Banks wants to change his party's name

The Act Party's new and only MP John Banks wants to change his party's name saying the Act brand has just about had its use by date.

Conservative party leader on the future of the party

The leader of the new Conservative Party says by next election his party will be one National will have to talk to.

Money managers back late 2012 state asset sales

Local money managers are backing indications from the Goverment that it will not rush to sell stakes in state assets.

Initial government talks underway in Parliament

The Prime Minister, John Key, was back on the 9th floor of the Beehive today, hosting meetings with the three minor parties he hopes will support his government.

The role of Maori in National's asset sales plan

The National Party's second-term agenda includes controversial plans to sell minority stakes in the state-owned power companies, and Solid Energy, as well as a selldown in Air New Zealand shares. The Maori Party went into the campaign opposing asset sales but iwi groups like Tainui and Ngai Tahu, are in favour.

Labour not giving up hope on winning Waitakere seat

There were some close races on Saturday.. We've already reported on the tie in Christchurch Central and talked about Shane Jones running close against Pita Sharples.

Ex-leader of Greens on party's success

The Green Party has its strongest voice ever in Parliament with 13 MPs, and will be looking to negotiate with National on common areas the parties can work together on over the next three years.

Former Labour president discusses potential party leaders

Phil Goff is expected to step down as Labour's leader this week after the party gained just 27 percent of the vote in Saturday's election.

Commentators on left and right debate new Govt's make up

Former vice-chancellor of Waikato University, Bryan Gould, who was also a senior Labour Party MP in Britain in the 1980s, and former Act MP, Stephen Franks, discuss what the new Government might look like and what deals could be done.

National touts earthquake successes as reason for Chch seats

The Labour party candidates in two of the closest-run election seats, Christchurch Central, and Waimakariri are refusing to accept defeat.

Labour makes gains in Maori vote

Dr Maria Bargh is a specialist in Maori politics and a lecturer in Maori Studies at Victoria University.

Labour says it is the big winner of the Maori vote

While the Labour Party's general vote took a heavy hit at the weekend, it is claiming to have won back more of the Maori vote.

New Zealand First promotes its common sense approach

The next generation of New Zealand First MPs say they'll bring a common sense approach to politics and support good policy from either side of the house.

Deborah Coddington on the direction of the Act Party

The Act Party has survived the election thanks to John Banks winning Epsom, but it is without a leader, after Don Brash stood down.

Phil Goff expected to stand down as leader

After the Labour party's poor showing on election day contenders vying to be the new leader are lining up, waiting for Phil Goff's announcement about his future.

John Key discusses National's priorities following election

The prime minister, John Key, is wasting no time in forming a new government, with talks scheduled with United Future, Act and the Maori Party today.

Labour heralds south Ak surge but low turnout sounds warning

The Labour Party's results in south Auckland should come as a welcome relief for the party when it meets tomorrow to rake over the ashes of its election defeat.

John Key gets down to business at parliament today

MPs are returning to Parliament, with a cabinet meeting and talks on forming the next government taking place today.

Pita Sharples on a possible Maori Party deal with National

The Prime Minister will meet with Act, United Future and the Maori Party this afternoon for initial negotiations on its make-up.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

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