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A selection of the best interviews and debates from the 2011 General Election campaign as featured on Radio New Zealand's programmes, and full interviews and media conferences recorded by our reporters throughout the campaign.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Friday, 25 November 2011

Last day of campaign trail for minors

The minor party leaders have been out on the campaign trail in a last effort to drum up support. The leaders have been maximising the last few hours before election day to try and sway the poll.

Campaign Focus on Politics for 25 November 2011

Political parties have just a few hours left to campaign before they leave it to the voters to decide the future direction of the country. National's leader John Key has made ominous warnings about instability if voters don't deliver him a majority government. Labour's leader Phil Goff says the choice for voters is simple: they either vote to sell State assets or retain them.

Asset sales to NZers only may not be legal

Lawyers say it's possible the National Party's promise to prefer New Zealanders over foreigners in state asset sales will fall foul of trade agreements.

Polls put NZ First on cusp of return to Parliament

The National Party has a commanding lead in the final polls of the election campaign but they also show New Zealand First making it over the 5% threshold that would return it to Parliament.

ACT closes its campaign in Auckland

The ACT Party has officially closed its campaign, but its Epsom candidate John Banks will be on the streets of the electorate campaigning until midnight.

Last push for Labour

The Labour Party leader, Phil Goff, will be campaigning right up until midnight, pushing for all the votes he can muster in tomorrow's election. Mr Goff spent the final day of the campaign on a bus tour of hydro dams and power stations in the Waikato, warning at each stop that the National Party will sell them off.

Key winding up campaigning

After an intensive two days of touring the North Island by bus, the National Party leader, John Key, is heading home to his Helensville electorate for a barbeque with supporters.

National Party leader on final day of campaign

John Key and campaign chairman Steven Joyce talk about the party's automated phone message, the campaign, minor parties and police recruitment.

Political commentators on the Maori vote

Competition in the Maori seats has been heating up this election - and the fate of the Mana Party will tomorrow lie in the hands of Maori voters.

Labour MP says number of Maori seats 'could decrease'

The Labour Party MP Shane Jones says he fears there will never be more Maori seats and it is even likely there will be fewer.

Steven Joyce and Grant Robertson defend their campaigns

We're joined now by the campaign chairman for National, Steven Joyce and the campaign spokesperson for Labour, Grant Robertson.

National keeps its lead with one day to go

With the election campaign now all but over - bar a last day of shouting - our political reporter, Liz Banas looks at the final week of campaign '11.

Greens say National must come clean about asset sales

The Green Party says a letter it's received from the Chief Ombudsman has added to its concerns the public is not being told the full story about National's plans to sell state assets.

Political editor Brent Edwards analyses asset sales claims

With the election tomorrow, the National Party is maintaining its commanding lead over the Labour Party in the opinion polls.

RNZ political correspondents analysis

We're joined now by our Parliamentary chief reporter Jane Patterson who has spent most of the past month travelling with the National Party leader John Key and also with us political reporter Julian Robins who has been travelling with the Labour Party leader Phil Goff.

Goff and Key spend last campaign day on buses

It's the last day of the election campaign and both major party leaders have one thing in common - they've decided to spend the day on a bus.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

MMP versus FPP shaping as the major referendum battle

Pro MMP campaigners say Saturday's referendum on the voting system is a two horse race between MMP and what New Zealand had before, First Past the Post.

Minor parties talking up chances of getting into Parliament

The minor parties are talking up their chances of playing a major role in the next Parliament and saying who they won't work with.

Latest polls released

A little over a day away from the general election and the last television opinion polls have just been released.

Greens close their campaign

The Green Party co-leader, Russel Norman, says it is outrageous that official information around the partial sale of state assets is being withheld.

Market players question John Key's state assets optimism

Financial market players are sceptical about John Key's prediction that partially privatised assets will stay overwhelmingly in local hands.

Minor leaders debate

Two days to go and it could be that this election won't be decided on Saturday night - but by which of the minor parties end up in a position to make a deal. Under MMP, the positions of the minor parties have often ended up being crucial and today we've brought the leaders of the six minor parties together to tell us what they'd be asking for in return for supporting a government led by National or Labour. In our Wellington studio, the Act Party leader, Dr Don Brash and the United Future leader Peter Dunne. In our Auckland studio are the Green Party co-leader Russel Norman and the New Zealand First leader Winston Peters. In our Whangarei office is the Mana Party leader Hone Harawira and joining us on the phone is the Maori Party whip Te Ururoa Flavell, a late replacement for the co-leader Tariana Turia who yesterday was a late replacement for Pita Sharples.

Police union calls the consequences of a freeze "dire"

The police union says a freeze on new recruits would spell a return to the days when very serious crimes went under-investigated because of over-stretched resources.

Newspaper reveals details of police raid

The Herald on Sunday newspaper says a police search of their premises for information related to the teapot tapes, proves the paper had nothing to hide.

Final TVNZ debate before polling day

In the last television leaders debate before election day the Labour Party leader, Phil Goff, turned interviewer as he took the opportunity to grill the National party leader, John Key.

Labour says National plan to freeze police recruitment

The Labour Party leader, Phil Goff, says National is planning to freeze all police recruiting next year - but wants to keep the plan under wraps until after the election.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

John Key on asset sale plans and Treasury advice

The National Party leader says the party has nothing to hide over the Treasury advice it received for its planned partial privatisation of state-owned assets.

Green Party say Treasury info on asset sales should be released

The Green Party is challenging John Key to "show us the papers" and reveal what Treasury advice the National Party got on its proposed asset sales programme.

Mana focusing on Labour supporters.

The Mana Party is targeting traditional Labour Party supporters in an effort to lift its party vote on Saturday.

Act wants referendum on raising the pension age

The ACT party will push John Key to change his mind on raising the pension age if it ends up helping National form the next Government.

High Court refuses to issue declaration over tea tape

The High Court is refusing to rule on whether a recorded discussion between the National Party leader John Key and the ACT Party's Epsom candidate, was a private conversation or not.

Greens urge Key to reveal advice on state asset sales

The Green party says information about the planned sale of state assets is being suppressed just days out from the election.

Cameraman's lawyer responds to court's ruling on tape

Ron Mansfield, a lawyer for the cameraman who recorded the 'tea tape', responds to the High Court judge's decision.

"Tea tape" unlikely to be made public before the election

A High Court judge has refused to rule on whether or not the tea tape conversation between John Key and John Banks was private.

Partial solar eclipse for election eve

Political candidates anxiously awaiting the results of Saturday's elections might find their destiny rests not with voters, but in the heavens.

Labour Party determined to win back Waitakere seat

The West Auckland seat of Waikatere is shaping up to be another tight contest between National and Labour on Saturday.

Greens accuse National of having no plan to alleviate poverty

The Green Party is accusing the National Party of having no plan to lift people out of poverty by getting them off benefits and into jobs.

Politicians urged to stop scoring points over emigration

The National Party finance spokesperson, Bill English, says it will take time to stem the flow of New Zealanders to Australia.

High Court judge to release 'tea-tape' decision today

A High Court judge in Auckland who has been asked to decide if a conversation between John Key and John Banks was public will issue her decision today.

Economists argue over sale of state assets

The sale of state assets has been one of the most heated issues of the election campaign. We're joined by the Auckland University professor of economics, Tim Hazledine and a Senior Lecturer in Economics at Canterbury University, Eric Crampton.

Banks confident as Epsom candidates meetings end

The Act Party's John Banks insists the pollsters have got it wrong and that he can win the Epsom electorate, saving his party from oblivion.

National defends record on trans-Tasman exodus

The numbers leaving permanently for Australia have hit a record high - but the National Party is denying that equates to a blotted copy book.

New Zealand exodus blamed on National's performance

A record-high exodus of people heading for Australia is being described by Labour as an end-of-term report card on the National Party that would make people weep.

Young Southlander has no regrets about moving to Australia

A record-high exodus of people heading for Australia is being described by Labour as an end-of-term report card on the National Party that would make people weep.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Labour leader discusses migration figures

The number of New Zealanders leaving for Australia has reached a record high, according to official figures. Phil Goff says National's John Key has broken his promise to stop the flow of people across the Tasman.

National leader discusses migration figures

The number of New Zealanders leaving for Australia has reached a record high, according to official figures. John Key tells reporters he believes the best way to stop the flow is to reduce the wage gap between the countries.

Nigel Stirling compares Nat's and Labours's economic policies

Labour says today's record high in the number of people leaving for Australia should be seen as a vote of no confidence in the National-led Government.

Minor Parties could bring new voices to parliament

With only three full days of campaigning left the minor parties look set to bring some little known names into Parliament off their lists.

Greens promise to simplify tax for small businesses.

The Green Party is promising to simplify the tax system for small business owners so they don't have to spend hours filling out forms.

Court case over tea party tape takes place in Auckland

TV 3 has told the High Court in Auckland that the teaparty conversation between John Key and John Banks was a highly staged theatrical stunt and it's presented evidence the discussion may have been overheard and picked up on other microphones.

Media with Gavin Ellis

The previous night's televised leaders' debate and the "worm". Gavin also talks about the abuse sent to media figures, in particular female columnists.

Labour defends election mail drop to mothers on benefits

The Labour Party is defending a mail-drop to mothers on benefits, of a pamphlet that it decribes as hard-hitting, but not misleading. The flyer refers to National's policy that parents who have another child while on a benefit would have to be available for work once the baby turns one.

Leaders trade barbs in penultimate debate

Asset sales and coalition partnership deals have emerged as central issues in the countdown to Saturday's election.

National's education policy comes under attack

Primary school teacher unions and the principals' federation say the National Party's education policy is demoralising. In its policy National says it will clarify what is expected of schools, make education agencies intervene with failing schools, and link funding to performance.

Tea tape cameraman heads to court

The cameraman who recorded a discussion between John Key and John Banks without their knowledge will head to court today in an attempt to prove the recording was legal.

Teachers, principals dismayed by National's education policy

Primary school teachers and principals are crying foul over the National Party's education policy. They're opposed to National's plan to make schools more accountable for their results.

Key, Goff square off in TV leaders' debate

Labour Party leader, Phil Goff, says he expects Winston Peters to do the right thing and support a strong, stable Government if voters return him to Parliament.

School principals angry at National's education policy

Primary and intermediate school principals say they're angry and despondent at the National Party's education policy.

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