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A selection of the best interviews and debates from the 2011 General Election campaign as featured on Radio New Zealand's programmes, and full interviews and media conferences recorded by our reporters throughout the campaign.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Labour defends election flyers

Internet bloggers aligned to the National Party say Labour has sunk to new lows with an election pamphlet that shows a baby and states "under National you won't be around to celebrate her first birthday".

Serious job creation needed in Dunedin

Community and business leaders in Dunedin say the major political parties are not serious enough about creating jobs in the city.

National leader discusses asset sales

John Key tells reporters he believes most New Zealanders will like the idea of partial state asset sales, or the "mixed model ownership", once it can be seen in operation.

Maori Party opposed to asset sales

The Maori Party has repeated its opposition to state asset sales and rejected Labour's accusation it's hypocritical to argue at the same for special iwi access to shares if the partial sales go through.

National launches education policy

The National Party is promising to get tough on failing schools and get the last few thousand preschoolers into early childhood education.

Key says he's not panicking over Winston Peters

The National Party leader, John Key says he's not panicking over New Zealand First returning to Parliament, but wants to make sure New Zealanders know what they're voting for on Saturday.

Labour leader warns of asset fire sale

Phil Goff took his campaign against asset sales to state-owned Mighty River Power's Southdown Power Station in Auckland on Monday, where he told a small crowd of Labour MPs, candidates and supporters that the assets belong to all New Zealanders - and Labour would keep it that way.

Politics with Matthew Hooton and John Pagani

Winners and losers from the teapot saga, John Key's branding of Winston Peters as an unstable coalition partner and Labour's focus in the last week of the election campaign.

Maori Party co-leader on post-election talks

Pita Sharples talks to Radio New Zealand's political reporter Chris Bramwell about post-election negotiations and what, if any, bottom lines the party will adopt.

Political Party Leader Interview - Don Brash

As part of Nine to Noon's political party leader interview series Kathryn Ryan speaks to ACT party leader, Don Brash.

Interview with Phil Goff

This week we are continuing our series of extended interviews and debates between the party leaders.

Maori Party to push for preferential iwi access to asset shares

The co-leader of the Maori Party, Pita Sharples, says he'll continue to lobby hard for iwi to have preferential access to shares in state assets. But the National Party leader, John Key, says he isn't prepared to give iwi preferential treatment over other New Zealand bidders.

Media organisations prepare for imminent police search

Four major news organisations, including Radio New Zealand, are preparing for a police search in the next few days. The police are looking for material related to the taped conversation between the National Party leader, John Key, and the Act candidate, John Banks

Goff promises relentless campaign on asset sales

The Labour Party leader, Phil Goff, has put his party's opposition to asset sales at the heart of the final week of his election campaign. Mr Goff yesterday addressed Labour's biggest rally of the campaign, telling about 800 of the party faithful that New Zealand is not for sale.

Peters says Key's tongue-lashing shows desperation

Winston Peters says National's latest attack on New Zealand First has a terrible look of desperation. The National Party leader John Key is warning Winston Peters would hold the country to ransom if the New Zealand First leader holds the balance of power after the election.

Christchurch quake puts safe Labour seat into electoral play

Now to our coverage of electorate races and to Christchurch where the Christchurch East electorate has been a safe Labour seat for a number of years.

John Key warns voters off Winston Peters

The National Party leader John Key is warning that the New Zealand First leader, Winston Peters, would hold the country to ransom if he holds the balance of power after the election.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Asset sales and iwi

National leader John Key has ruled out any deal under which Maori would get preferential access to shares sold under his party's proposed asset sales programme, saying New Zealanders have to be treated fairly and equally.

Labour holds rally in Auckland

Leader Phil Goff urged supporters at the party's biggest rally of the election campaign to spend the final week fighting to prevent the sale of State-owned assets. He spoke to about 800 of the party faithful at Auckand Girls' Grammar School on Sunday.

National leader discusses NZ First

John Key says New Zealanders want a strong, stable government and the country faces three years of uncertainty if Winston Peters holds the balance of power after the election.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Labour announces Pacific Island policy

Pacific Island Affairs spokesperson Su'a William Sio discusses education, immigration and the challenges facing Pacific Island communities after the party's launch at the North Shore Pasifika Festival on Saturday.

Friday, 18 November 2011

Tea party saga can hardly be ignored

With just one week to go before the election some political leaders are calling for the campaign to get back on track, rather than focus on a cup of tea gone wrong.

Greens confident of best-ever result despite billboards bump

The Green Party is confident it can bring in its best election result yet, despite a bumpy week with its leaders having to say sorry to the National Party for the defacing of its billboards.

Campaign Focus on Politics for 18 November 2011

The week has been dominated by the controversy over the secret recording of the National Party leader John Key's conversation with ACT's Epsom candidate John Banks last week.

Goff - election campaign must return to real issues

With time running out for the Labour Party to close the gap in the polls, its leader, Phil Goff, says the election campaign must return to the real issues.

Tea conversation to be ruled on in High Court on Tuesday

The cameraman who recorded the discussion between John Key and John Banks without their knowledge will head to court on Tuesday for a hearing on whether the conversation was private.

Phil Goff presents economic plan

The Labour Party leader said it was time to move on from the tea tape saga and focus on the real issues.

John Key on tourism and state sector job cap

National's leader says the party would lower the cap on the number of people employed in the public service.

Voters will judge politicans' efforts at general election

The voters in Greymouth will have the chance to give their judgement on how the government has handled the tragedy and its aftermath at the general election in just over a week.

John Banks won't shed any light on teapot discussion

The Act Party's Epsom candidate, John Banks, is continuing to refuse to comment on what he might have said about his leader during the cup-of-tea meeting a week ago.

Labour campaigning hard to woo Pacific, south Auckland vote

The election campaign is reaching fever pitch in south Auckland where the Labour Party is trying to win back its heartland vote.

Political analysis from Stephen Franks and Chris Trotter

We're joined by Stephen Franks a former ACT MP and a National Party candidate in the last election, and by the political commentator, Chris Trotter.

Campaign focus remains on what was said over tea leaves

On the campaign trail, the week ended as it started, with all the focus on what was said when John Key met John Banks at an Auckland cafe.

'Teapot' conversation not private: cameraman's lawyer

The cameraman who recorded John Key's conversation with John Banks has applied to the High Court for a ruling on whether what the two politicians said during their conversation in an Auckland cafe can truly be considered private.

Lawyer Peter McKnight says police action against media unusual

We're joined now by the Wellington media lawyer, Peter McKnight. We also have the Victoria University law department's adjunct professor, Steven Price, who's also a barrister.

Police decline to comment but give written statement

Four news media outlets - The Herald on Sunday, TV3, TVNZ and Radio New Zealand - face the prospect of police search warrants for unpublished material regarding the cafe conversation between the National Party leader, John Key, and the Act candidate, John Banks.

Banks avoids 'tea' comments at Epsom candidate debate

The Act Party candidate, John Banks, has refused to comment on remarks it's claimed he made about his leader, Don Brash.

More wranglings expected over the cup of tea

The cameraman who recorded the meeting between John Key and John Banks is going to court to try to prove the recording is legal.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Winston Peters reveals more about what he says is on the tape

More now about the tea party recording and the new revelations from the New Zealand First leader about what he says is on the tape.

National targets immunisation for more babies

National has released its health policy, saying it has a new ambitious target to immunise New Zealand babies.

Cameraman seeks declaratory judgement

The cameraman at the centre of the tea tape controversy has filed civil proceedings in the high court in Auckland this afternoon seeking a ruling that the conversation between the political leaders was not a private conversation.

Union President says Police don't have spare time

The National Party leader, John Key, has defended the time police are spending investigating the recording of a cafe conversation he had with the Act party candidate, John Banks.

Winston Peters makes speech on the tea tape

The New Zealand First leader used a speech in Invercargill to outline what he believes was said during the recorded conversation between National's leader John Key and ACT candidate John Banks.

How is John Key handling the on-going questions?

Our parliamentary chief reporter Jane Patterson has been with Mr Key today in Whangarei where the media was again asking him about the cafe conversation.

Police to serve search warrants on four media outlets

The Police are expected to serve search warrants on four news outlets over the next 24 hours, to get information on the recording of the cafe conversation.

Winston Peters reveals more about what he says is on the tape

With the police poised to serve search warrants on four news organsiations, including Radio New Zealand, over the secret cafe recording, the New Zealand First leader Winston Peters has revealed details about what he says is on the tape.

John Key questioned on police demand for media material

The National Party leader was asked about police demands that media organisations hand over information related to the 'tea tape' controversy.

Families outraged at Key's suicide comparison

Family members who've been affected by suicide say the National Party leader, John Key, has used the tragic subject in a flippant and casual nature for his own political gain.

Senior media executives reject comparison with UK scandal

The National Party says its election campaign is still right on track, despite what it calls the media's attempts to divert attention from the central issues.

Most of the minor party leaders say release teapot tape

Four of the six minor party leaders who appeared on a televised debate last night say John Key should release the recording of his conversation with John Banks.

Key's woes over 'teapot' conversation won't go away

A group of senior journalists is dismissing John Key's attempt to link his secretly recorded conversation with Britain's phone hacking scandal.

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