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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Media strategists on the fallout from the tea party tape

So, is the tea party tape taking its toll on John Key?

Key wrong to dodge cafe tape questions - Goff

The National Party leader is still dodging questions about the secret cafe recording, and walked out of a news conference this morning when pressed about it.

Some of Corrections budget could go to police

The Police could be in line for a boost in funding at the expense of the Corrections Department.

Hoarding photos "dirty tricks" - Paul Goldsmith

The National Party's Epsom candidate says he's been the subject of a dirty tricks campaign in the electorate.

Analysis from RNZ's political reporter

John Key declined our request to come on Checkpoint, as did the National party's campaign chair Steven Joyce.

Goff questions whether Key tough enough to be PM

The Labour leader, Phil Goff, is questioning whether John Key is tough enough to be Prime Minister after Mr Key walked out of a news conference today.

John Key refuses to answer more tea tape questions

The National Party leader walked out of a media conference on Wednesday when reporters continued to question him.

Grey Power president discusses supposed slur on seniors

The latest speculation about the discussion between John Key and John Banks centres on the elderly.

Political commentators discuss 'tea cup' imbroglio

We're joined now by the former vice-chancellor of Waikato University, Bryan Gould, who was also a senior Labour Party MP in Britain in the 1980s and directed Labour's campaign during the 1987 British elections.

British lawyer says Key hardly a News of the World-style victim

The Prime Minister says there's no place in this country for what he calls News of the World-style news media coverage based on secret recordings.

Phil Goff says Key should respect older voters

The Labour Party's leader, Phil Goff, joins us.

Winston Peters says teapot tapes would shock older voters

The New Zealand First party leader, Winston Peters says John Key may have made derogatory comments about elderly voters during his cup of tea with John Banks.

Peters suggests older people insulted in teapot conversation

The New Zealand First leader, Winston Peters, has suggested older New Zealanders will feel insulted if details emerge of the cafe conversation between John Key and John Banks.

John Key quizzed over 'teapot' tape contents

The New Zealand First party leader, Winston Peters says John Key may have made derogatory comments about elderly voters during his cup of tea with John Banks.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Labour response to National's tougher benefit rules

The National Party says it will introduce tougher rules to target benefit abuse if it leads the next Government.

What Sue Bradford thinks of billboard defacing

Former Green MP and current Mana candidate Sue Bradford is with us.

Labour accuses National of ignoring skills shortages

The Labour Party leader, Phil Goff, says it is outrageous the Government is trying to recruit skilled people in England to rebuild Christchurch, when thousands of young people could be trained to do the work.

Electoral Commission is investigating defacing of billboards

The Electoral Commission is now investigating the defacing of 700 National Party billboards.

Key defends police complaint

The National Party leader, John Key, has defended making a complaint to the police about the secret recording of his cafe meeting with ACT's Epsom candidate John Banks.

National wants to target benefit fraud

The National Party says it will introduce tougher rules to target benefit abuse if it leads the next Government.

Greens leader explains why his assistant has been stood down

Russell Norman's executive assistant Anne Heins has been stood down from her job and is being investigated by Parliamentary Services.

Jolyon White resigns from Green Party after defacing billboards

The man who co-ordinated the defacing of hundreds of National Party billboards has resigned from the Green Party.

National policy targets benefit fraud

Leader John Key and social development spokesperson Paula Bennett answer questions on National's policy on benefit fraud.

National leader responds to defacing of billboards

John Key accepts the Green Party co-leader was unaware of plans to attack National's billboards but described the defacing as extremely disappointing.

Green Party co-leader's statement on billboard attacks

Russel Norman tells reporters a Green Party member co-ordinated the defacement of National Party billboards.

Has National put Whanau Ora on notice?

There are fears from the community sector about the future of Whanau Ora programmes under a National government.

PM's complaint to police labelled heavy-handed

The National Party leader's complaint to the police over the recording of his conversation with the Act candidate John Banks is being labelled heavy-handed and an obvious attempt to shut the matter down.

Hundreds of National billboards defaced in the dead of night

The National Party says it's considering complaining to the electoral commission after hundreds of its billboards were defaced in the dark of night. About 700 election signs were altered with stickers designed to look like they were part of the billboards.

Greens attack National's plan to spend billions on roads

National's transport spokesman, Steven Joyce, says in the next three years he would look at upgrading what he termed key high-use highways. The Green Party is accusing Steven Joyce of having a motorway fetish and says the spending doesn't make sense.

Pressure mounts for Key to release 'tea party' tapes

Hints of what might be in the recording of a conversation between John Key and John Banks are starting to emerge, despite warnings from the police against disclosing the details. The conversation took place between the National Party leader and Act Party candidate when they met for their cup of tea last Friday. It was recorded by a freelance cameraman, Bradley Ambrose, who handed it on to the Herald on Sunday. TV3 says it has also obtained a copy. Mr Key says it was a covert recording, and he has complained to the police. The police have warned media they could be breaking the law if they disclose the contents of the recording.

John Key says he is taking a stand against covert media tactics

The National Party leader, John Key, says he is taking a stand against covert media tactics. Mr Key has laid a complaint with the police over the recording of his conversation with Act candidate John Banks.

Group behind defaced billboards not ruling out more stunts

The person who claims to be behind the group responsible for defacing National Party's billboards has not ruled out another election stunt.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Phil Goff discusses tea party tape

The Labour Party leader tells reporters John Key should put an end to the "farce" surrounding his cup of tea with ACT candidate John Banks and allow the release of a recording of their conversation.

Labour leader puts asset company on notice

Phil Goff has written to the company appointed by the Treasury to advise it on asset sales, warning it an incoming Labour government would cancel its contract. On Monday, he told a Grey Power meeting on the Kapiti Coast that his party would stop the sales.

Whanau Ora expansion crucial for Maori Party

The architect of Whanau Ora says the scheme's expansion during the next three years will be crucial for the Maori Party in any post-election negotiations.

Greens making a promise to overhaul transport funding

The Green Party wants to overhaul transport funding, by dumping National's plan to fund roads of national significance.

National Party billboards defaced

The National Party's campaign billboard with the slogan "building a brighter future" has been given a makeover.

Whanau Ora could become a bottom line post election

The Maori Party says expanding Whanau Ora will be a key part of its post-election negotiations.

Cameraman at centre of controversy gives his side of the story

The cameraman at the centre of the controversy, who does not want to be named, spoke to Checkpoint a short time ago.

Police say no complaint has been received

The National Party leader John Key says he's taking a stand against what he calls tabloid style, covert media tactics, and has laid a formal complaint with the police.

National leader files complaint over tea party tape

John Key tells reporters he is taking a stand against tabloid-like tactics he says were used during the cafe meeting with John Banks.

Labour pledge on Women's Refuge

Leader Phil Goff and social policy spokesperson Annette King discuss Labour's plan to put $700,000 a year back into baseline funding for the service.

Green Party transport policy

Co-leader Russel Norman announces the policy in Auckland on Monday.

Greens co-leader discusses tea party tape

Russel Norman says John Key and John Banks expected their conversation at a cafe on Friday would be private - but if there is nothing to worry about, a recording of it should be made public.

Election Debate: Welfare

With Paula Bennett, Annette King, Metiria Turei. Tariana Turia from the Maori Party was unable to take part.

Green Party critisised for 'electioneering'

The Green Party has come under fire for suggesting local authorities aren't prosecuting farmers often enough for polluting waterways.

Polls suggest New Zealand First gathering support

Support for New Zealand First, which has spent the past three years out of Parliament, has climbed in four polls over the past week.

John Key given high profile at Act campaign launch

John Key, had a high profile at the Act Party campaign launch in Auckland yesterday.

Rising political stars battle it out in central Auckland

In Auckland Central, the Labour Party is fighting to win back the seat it lost by a narrow margin at the last election.

Phil Goff nods to churches on visit to Dunedin

The Labour Party leader, Phil Goffhas described his party's election policies as applied Christianity.

National considers legal options after secret recording of Key

The National Party is seeking legal advice after a recording of a conversation between its leader, John Key, and the Act candidate, John Banks, was handed to a newspaper.

PM refuses permission for 'teapot tape' to be released

The National Party is considering its legal options after a recording was made of what it says was a private conversation between its leader, John Key, and the Act candidate, John Banks.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

National leader discusses tea party tape

John Key has likened a recording made during his meeting with John Banks on Friday as News of the World tactics.

ACT, National and the Epsom seat

Leader Don Brash discusses his party's relationship with National.

ACT Party campaign launch

Leader Don Brash talks about the growing gap between New Zealand and Australia, ACT's support for a centre-right government and concerns for the global economy.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Labour leader says MMP being manipulated

During campaigning in Otara on Saturday, Phil Goff was asked his views on National's support for ACT's Epsom candidate John Banks.

ACT leader discusses relationship with National

Don Brash tells reporters he believes Epsom candidate John Banks has a strong chance of winning the electorate despite John Key's show of support on Friday.

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