Election 2014


The electorate is centred on Invercargill City and includes Riverton, Hedgehope, Glencoe, Bluff and Stewart Island. Held by Eric Roy (National Party) with a majority of 6,263. (retiring, entered Parliament 1993)

2011 party vote (%): National 49.88, Labour 28.71, Green 8.42, NZ First 6.84, ACT 1.23, United Future 0.82, Maori 0.50, Mana 0.19


David Kennedy Green Party List #23

Primary school teacher and organiser for the NZEI union.

Eric Roy National Party List #25

Assistant Speaker of the House in the last Parliament. Has a farming and forestry background and entered Parliament in 1993.

Ian Carline ACT Party List #32

Lesley Soper Labour Party

An electorate-only candidate, she has twice been a list MP (2005 and 2007-2008). Both times she was a replacement list MP and failed to win re-election at the next general election. Chose not to put herself forward for the 2011 party list.

Shane Pleasance Libertarianz List #7

Stephnie De Ruyter Democrats for Social Credit List #1