Election 2014

Electorates and Party Lists

How Party Lists Work

Of the 120 MPs in Parliament, 49 are chosen from party lists.

The higher a candidate's ranking on a party list, the more likely they are to enter Parliament. Some candidates on the list are also contesting an electorate seat, while some are only seeking election through the list.

The number of MPs a party has in Parliament is decided by its share of the party vote. For example, a party's share of the vote may entitle it to 40 MPs. If it has won 30 electorate seats, those successful candidates will go into Parliament and the party's remaining 10 MPs will be chosen from the party list.

Sometimes an 'overhang' in Parliament occurs when a party wins more electorate seats than its party vote proportion. In the past this has led to the number of seats exceeding by one or two the limit of 120.

Party lists

The following parties have published their list.