6 Aug 2012

Docherty says he's taking a low-stress approach

11:29 am on 6 August 2012

New Zealand triathlete Bevan Docherty, a two-time Olympic medallist, says he's quite happy to stay under the radar as he heads into his latest Olympic race.

At 35, Docherty has been New Zealand's top male triathlete for some time and has won numerous World Cup and World Championship Series events.

His current world ranking is 14.

Docherty won silver in Athens and a bronze at Beijing but says his buildup to the men's final in London on Tuesday (NZ time) has been quite different.

"Back in 2008, had I not won a medal it would probably have been the worst year of my life," he says.

"It was kind of stressful - I put a lot of pressure on myself.

"This time round, I did not want to have so much stress ... so I've taken a relaxed approach this year.

"I'm happy to say that things are starting to come together at just the right time".

The other New Zealanders in the field are Kris Gemmell and Ryan Sissons.