19 Aug 2008

MPs want to hear from Glenn on Peters donation

3:27 pm on 19 August 2008

A parliamentary hearing on a donation towards New Zealand First leader Winston Peters' legal costs wants to hear from expatriate businessman Owen Glenn.

Priveleges committee chairman Simon Power says the hearing will invite the expatriate businessman to give evidence.

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters told the hearing on Monday evening that he did nothing wrong over the donation.

The privileges committee met to consider why Mr Peters, the country's minister of foreign affaiirs, did not disclose the $100,000 donation from Mr Glenn.

Mr Peters repeated what he has said publicly, telling the committee he could not declare the donation on the register of pecuniary interests because he found out about it only last month from his lawyer Brian Henry.

Mr Peters added that Mr Henry has never sent him an invoice.

Lawyer declines to name names

Mr Henry told the committee he raises funds to cover legal costs and does not tell Mr Peters who has made contributions in order to to protect him politically.

He refused to answer questions about who told him to approach Mr Glenn for the money, saying only that it was not Mr Peters or Labour Party president Mike Williams.

The committee hearing was called after ACT party leader Rodney Hide complained that Mr Peters did not disclose the $100,000 donation on the MPs' register of pecuniary interests