19 Aug 2008

Doctor faces hearing over sex with patient

5:37 pm on 19 August 2008

A family doctor is to face disciplinary proceedings after a finding that he had sex with a patient.

In a report released on Tuesday, Health and Disability Commissioner Ron Paterson found that the doctor breached the code of rights for patients by having sex with a patient who was also his employee.

The doctor, who is not named, denied he had a sexual relationship with the patient, but Mr Paterson says he believes the complainant.

Mr Paterson says the two had a mostly consensual sexual relationship in 2006 and 2007.

He says the fact it was consensual is irrelevant, and the doctor must have known it was unethical and prohibited by his profession.

Mr Paterson says the doctor abused the trust of a patient and former part-time nurse.

He says a charge will be heard before the Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal.