8 Apr 2012

Fatal shot fired from another hunting party, say police

7:11 pm on 8 April 2012

Police believe they have identified the hunting party from which a fatal shot was fired at another hunter in a Wairarapa forest.

The man, believed to have been in his late 20s, died in Aorangi Forest Park, near Pirinoa.

His hunting companion alerted police at about 2pm on Saturday.

Detective Senior Sergeant Sean Hansen says police have interviewed four people from another hunting party who were in the area at the time.

He says officers believe it was a member of that group that fired the fatal shot.

No charges have been laid so far.

Mr Hansen says it is important to complete a thorough investigation to get a full picture about what has taken place.

He says police will then seek legal advice about the most appropriate charge.

Guards were posted at the scene overnight and the body of the hunter was removed on Sunday afternoon.

The body will be taken to Palmerston North on Monday morning for a post mortem.

Mr Hansen says police still want to hear from any other hunters who were in the area at the time.