2 Sep 2008

Baseball bat used to kill Scottish tourist - Crown

5:27 am on 2 September 2008

A baseball bat used to kill a Scottish woman in Taupo was found at the home of the youth accused of murdering her, the Crown says.

Karen Aim, 26, died from severe head injuries after being found lying in a pool of blood on a footpath on 17 January. She was in New Zealand on a working holiday.

A boy, who was 14 at the time, is charged with murder and on Monday appeared at the Youth Court in Taupo at a preliminary hearing.

Miss Aim was only 100 metres from her home when she was attacked in the early hours of the morning after a night out with friends.

Six days after the attack, police searched the accused's home where the Crown says they found Miss Aim's digital camera and handbag.

The camera's disc still had photos on it of her trips around New Zealand.

The Crown says a baseball bat found under the house had Miss Aim's blood on it.