10 Apr 2012

Auckland motorway toll backing 'naive'

9:43 am on 10 April 2012

The Automobile Association says tolling Auckland's motorway network is not a silver bullet to solve the region's transport funding shortfall.

The Auckland Council's Business Advisory Panel favours tolling as the best option to generate billions of revenue.

But AA spokesperson Simon Lambourne says the panel has acted prematurely by endorsing the tolling option.

"The panel coming out with a one-solution-fits-all is actually quite naive. But ... it's easy for them. They'll just simply pass the cost on to the real users of the roads, the consumers, the motorists."

Mr Lambourne says it is not fair to charge motorists to use existing roads.

Auckland Council says it has a funding gap of more than $10 billion for its transport projects and has proposed 10 options as part of its Long Term Plan, including tolling new and existing roads.

Its Business Advisory Panel says taxes and rates alone will not be enough to pay for Auckland's transport infrastructure and tolling is the best option.