6 Sep 2008

Sentence not long enough, says Norm Withers

3:32 pm on 6 September 2008

A Christchurch man whose mother was viciously beaten a decade ago says her attacker deserves a longer sentence for his most recent offence.

Harry Goulding Houkamau has been sentenced to seven years jail for aggravated robbery and kidnapping in Christchurch in May.

He earlier served two-thirds of a 10-year sentence for assaulting Nan Withers a decade ago.

Her son Norm Withers says he is disappointed Houkamau has offended again and doesn't think his sentence is long enough.

Houkamau's lawyer Steve Hembrow says his client's latest jail sentence is too harsh.

He says Houkamau was not the main offender, and although he was given a baton as a weapon, he did not strike the victims.

Mr Hembrow says he had turned his life around and has a baby with a new partner, and two jobs.

He says an appeal against the sentence is possible but it is unlikely to be successful, given Houkamau's long record of convictions.