18 Apr 2012

Protest at removal of state houses

7:26 am on 18 April 2012

One person has been removed from underneath a truck by police in the Auckland suburb of Glen Innes and three more have left voluntarily after trying to prevent the removal of a state house.

A 77-year-old man sneaked underneath the truck early Tuesday afternoon just before it began reversing onto a Torrington Crescent property.

Three other protesters subsequently joined him.

The protesters oppose the removal of about 40 state houses to make way for a new Housing New Zealand development.

Police told the group they needed to move because the house awaiting removal was unstable and needed the truck to support it.

After refusing to leave one protester was dragged from under the truck and three more climbed out willingly after being warned they would be removed forcibly.

They say residents are being unfairly evicted from their houses.

Two of the protestors say they will keep turning up to sections where houses are being removed and they are willing to block trucks again.