14 Sep 2008

Party leaders begin campaigning in earnest

5:37 am on 14 September 2008

The National and Labour party leaders campaigned in Auckland on Saturday, a day after Helen Clark announced the election would be held on 8 November.

National leader John Key was at the Otara Markets while Helen Clark was in her Mt Albert electorate.

Mr Key, who chatted to stall owners and shoppers, says he had a positive response from people in South Auckland. He also says National is doing better in its non-traditional areas, which is why it will win the election.

"When I meet people from all over New Zealand, what I find is their issues are the same," he said.

"They care passionately about their children having an opportunity in life to do well, and they want to see their community safer."

In her electorate Miss Clark was cheered by supporters as she helped to put up a Labour Party billboard.

She said John Key is deluded if he thinks National is doing better in its non-traditional areas of support and reiterated her party's election theme of trust.

"There is no fixed point about the National Party, they don't appear to believe in anything except trying to win," she said.

"We get out and fight for what we believe in, the things that we've done, the things that we will do which are focussed on our ordinary families, superannuitants and communities.".

Miss Clark said National had attacked everything the Labour-led Government has done to make life better.