18 Sep 2008

Warriors fans warned not to buy scalped tickets

7:25 am on 18 September 2008

The New Zealand Warriors say they will deny entry to people who have bought scalped tickets to the rugby league semifinal showdown on Friday.

Tickets to the NRL clash between the Warriors and the Sydney Roosters in Auckland appeared on the TradeMe website at significantly higher prices within hours of an official sellout on Tuesday.

Warriors management says tickets were printed with a warning about selling them on, and people using scalped tickets will not be allowed in.

Consumer New Zealand chief executive Sue Chetwin says though the organisation does get complaints about ticket scalping, it is legal.

Ms Chetwin says terms and conditions warning buyers that tickets cannot be onsold can stop the problem, but the conditions have to be easily enforceable.

The promoter of music event Big Day Out says ticket scalping will get worse unless laws are tightened to ban the practice at more events.

Campbell Smith says current ticket scalping laws apply only to major events attracting international visitors, such as the Rugby World Cup.

Mr Smith thinks the laws overlook many events that do not attract a lot of people from overseas, but are still affected by ticket scalpers.

He says he expects businesses devoted to ticket scalping will establish themselves in New Zealand in coming years.