7 May 2012

Morning Report: local papers

10:45 am on 7 May 2012

Monday's headlines: 103 primary and secondary schools have broken the law by mismanaging funds; cyber-bullying high in NZ schools; SH One closed on Saturday night in Christchurch after bottles were thrown at police.

NZ Herald

The New Zealand Herald reports that the Chief Coroner is backing proposed law changes to crack down on cyberbullying, because of concern that it's helping to fuel New Zealand's high rate of youth suicide.

Lenny Holmwood, the civilian who almost lost his life trying to stop the Napier gunman Jan Molenaar, has left Hawke's Bay to get away from harassment from the area's criminal fringe.

Waikato Times

The Waikato Times leads with the death of a toddler in Te Aroha.

The 18-month-old was killed when a free-standing oven fell on top of him. It's believed the boy was climbing on the appliance when it toppled.

Sunday night's perigee moon is pictured on the front page. The sight of the giant orb stopped people in the street as it rose into the night sky.

Dominion Post

The Dominion Post says more than 100 schools have broken the law by mismanaging taxpayer money.

A report by the auditor-general has found dodgy financial practices at 103 primary and secondary schools across the country.

And education, philosophy and meditation are now on the timetable at two Wellington schools.

They have introduced the unorthodox subjects to help children use their minds in different ways.

The Press

The Press says drunken young people threw bottles at police and State Highway One had to be closed during two parties that were out of control in Christchurch on Saturday night.

Police closed part of the highway for up to 30 minutes after hundreds of young people turned up to a house party in Islington.

And the man who refused to testify at the Pike River royal commission has broken his silence.

Former Pike River Coal chief executive Gordon Ward, who was involved with the mine for 12 years, declined to be a witness at the inquiry into the fatal explosion but spoke to a current affairs programme on Sunday night.


The Otago Daily Times also leads with cyber-bullying, saying 75% of New Zealand pupils had suffered at last one of five forms of bullying in the previous month. That's a higher rate than all countries except Tunisia.

And there's the story of Toby a giant boar, which tips the scales at 600kg and measures about two metres long from snout to tail.

Toby's success at fathering piglets means he's safe from the butchers knife and is headed for a new home on a farm at Tarras.