8 May 2012

Gwaze trial told child deeply comatose

9:12 pm on 8 May 2012

A hospital registrar has told a murder trial that a girl was deeply comatose when she arrived at the emergency department.

George Gwaze, 60, is on trial for the sexual violation and murder of his adopted niece Charlene Makaza in January 2007.

The Crown says the 10-year-old died after a forceful sexual attack by the accused, but the defence says she died of toxic shock arising from her HIV.

The girl died in a Christchurch hospital on 7 January 2007.

Emergency registrar Shuh Fen Moy told the Christchurch High Court on Tuesday the girl had a quick heart rate and was also breathing fast.

She said examinations brought no response at all, which meant she was deeply comatose.

Paediatric registrar Melanie England testified that the girl had an abnormal injury that looked very sharp and open.

Dr England said she felt some shock in seeing the injury and discussed it with colleagues. They contacted police and a paediatrician who specialises in child sexual abuse.