12 May 2012

Businessman loses contempt-of-court appeal

4:14 pm on 12 May 2012

An Auckland-based American businessman will be spending six weeks in prison after losing an appeal against his conviction for contempt of court.

Vince Siemer published on his website a suppressed High Court decision relating to those arrested in a series of police raids in 2007.

The judge had ruled that people arrested in the raids would be tried by a judge alone and that the reasons for her decision should not be published.

Siemer was convicted in December 2010 of contempt of court.

In dismissing his appeal, the Court of Appeal says Siemer knew, or must have known, that the suppression order was made to protect the rights of the accused to a fair trial.

It has ruled he must start his six-week sentence at Auckland Remand Prison on 25 May.