25 Sep 2008

ANZ Bank to cut frontline staff

7:16 pm on 25 September 2008

ANZ Bank is blaming a decline in "over-the-counter" customer service for its decision to cut frontline staff. It has not yet revealed how many jobs will be lost.

More than 2000 staff, including those on annual leave, were called in to their local branches on Thursday to hear the news.

ANZ says it is reviewing its customer services after concluding that customers preferred to use phone and internet banking, and fewer people now visited their local branch.

But the bank workers' union, Finsec, says ANZ is using the decline in face-to-face services as an excuse to cut jobs.

A spokesperson, Andrew Campbell, agrees that customers are using phone and internet services for day-to-day banking, but says there is an expectation of more advanced service from tellers.

Earlier in September, ANZ told workers it would slash middle-management jobs in New Zealand, Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.