16 May 2012

Iwi meet trampers to explain cultural significance of Mt Taranaki

3:08 pm on 16 May 2012

Taranaki iwi are to meet a group of mountain users on Wednesday to discuss which areas on Mount Taranaki are culturally sensitive and need to be treated with respect.

Last year iwi were offended when a group hauled a couch and a barbecue up the mountain.

General manager of the Taranaki iwi trust board Leeana Poutu says the aim of the meeting is to form good relationships with all mountain users.

She says iwi will not be laying down their protocols, but will point out which sites are sacred and need to be treated with particular care.

Ms Poutu says it is important for anyone using the mountain to understand cultural values that show respect for the environment and to the spiritual connection iwi have with their ancestor Mt Taranaki.