2 Oct 2008

Twine prank could have led to death, say police

7:03 pm on 2 October 2008

Police in Christchurch say someone could have been killed by a prank which left a teenager with a cut throat.

Three boys were riding bikes down a dirt track in Diamond Harbour on Wednesday when the first rider rode into twine tied across the track.

There were three lines tied across, one of them at throat level, which caused cuts and burns to the 14-year-old.

Police say he could have been killed if the twine had not broke when the rider hit it.

The injured teen's mother says she knows who is responsible for the nasty prank.

Michelle Watson says she has her suspicions about a group of boys who she believes have pulled similar stunts.

Ms Watson says those responsible must have known that her son's group are the only ones to use the track.

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