2 Oct 2008

Wellington bus drivers reach deal over pay

7:42 pm on 2 October 2008

Unions representing Wellington bus drivers and bus operator GO Wellington have reached an agreement in a long-running and bitter pay row.

The parties headed back to the negotiating table on Thursday in a last-minute effort to resolve the dispute which involved a peak-hour strike by drivers and a lockout by the company last week, causing disruption for 50,000 Wellington commuters.

The Wellington Tramways Union and the Manufacturing and Construction Union have been negotiating a new contract for drivers with the company since July.

A spokesperson for the unions says the agreement offers drivers a 7.5% pay increase and a $300 lump-sum payment.

They will also receive back pay of 3.5% of their wages for the past 11 months.

The unions will put the proposed collective agreement to members at a ratification meeting next week and recommend that it be approved.