16 Oct 2008

Councillor's widow says 15 too young to drive alone

4:26 pm on 16 October 2008

The widow of a paralympic champion and city councillor killed by a teenage driver is calling for a change to the driver licensing law.

Christchurch City Councillor Graham Condon, 58, was killed on 8 September last year when a car driven by a 15-year-old girl hit him as he was training on his three-wheeled bicycle.

His wife, Kathy Condon, has spoken out in favor of the driving age being increased following an inquest into her husband's death.

Mr Condon's friends and family were told that the driver was more than likely to have been distracted by four passengers in the car at the time.

In another incident on 8 September, three Christchurch teenagers were killed when the driver, also a 15-year-old girl, lost control of the car they were travelling in.

On Thursday, Coroner Sue Johnson endorsed recommendations that the age a person can drive alone be raised to 17.

Ms Condon fully supports the proposal, saying both she and her husband believed for a long time that 15 was too young for people to be in control of a car.

She says their own children were not allowed to drive until they were 17.