19 Oct 2008

Top lawyers to be known as Senior Counsel

4:13 pm on 19 October 2008

The first of the new tier of lawyers, replacing the Queen's Counsel, will on Friday be given the coveted title of Senior Counsel.

The line-up includes Crown prosecutor Simon Moore, with former prime minister Sir Geoffrey Palmer to have his induction in a fortnight.

Unlike the QC status, which was reserved solely for barristers, Senior Counsel can now be given to those working in a law firm.

This has enabled a number of lawyers, who until this year have been ineligible, to receive recognition as being the legal fraternity's best.

Sir Geoffrey and Simon Moore are two of the seven being given the status.

The others are David Heaney, Jan McCartney, Crown Prosecutor Christine Gordon and litigators Murray Gilbert and Jack Hodder.

Auckland-based lawyers are being called into the inner bar in an exclusive ceremony on Friday.

Those from Wellington will be formally inducted at the end of October.