18 Oct 2008

TV2 won't screen show featuring death house

4:25 pm on 18 October 2008

Television New Zealand says it will not be airing an episode of the Neighbours at War series after a teenager died at a house at the centre of one of the programmes.

Eighteen-year-old Courtney Coppell died on Thursday night at a party in Mt Maunganui.

TV2 says a crew had been filming at the home for an episode of the programme Neighbours at War.

It says the occupants of the house had been at loggerheads with their neighbours for more than three years.

But the film crew left the area at least three hours before the start of what the police call a drunken party.

Although it has been determined Ms Coppell's death is not suspicious, four people were arrested on the night she died for unrelated matters.

TV2 says it was told by the producers of Neighbours at War that the story about the problem home will not air.