25 Jun 2012

Toll refusenik intends to fight all the way

12:13 pm on 25 June 2012

The first person to be prosecuted for refusing to pay tolls on Auckland's Northern Gateway motorway says he will take his fight to the High Court if he needs to.

Hans Grueber owes about $100 in tolls and costs, for using the 7.5km route north of Auckland..

The Transport Agency says charges are pending against five repeat offenders who refuse to pay tolls and together they owe almost $8000.

The first to appear in court is Mr Grueber, a former lawyer, who plans to defend four charges of failing or refusing to pay a toll.

He maintains the construction of the Northern Gateway toll road contravened the Land Transport Management Act.

He wants to make the point that the most cost-efficient way of paying for expensive new roads is through petrol taxes.

Mr Grueber says NZTA has probably chosen him as the first person to prosecute because of his constant refusals to pay.