25 Jun 2012

Auckland transport to sue Snapper

9:41 pm on 25 June 2012

Auckland's transport agency is to seek millions of dollars from a Wellington-based ticket company over delays to the city's electronic public transport card.

The agency says Snapper has repeatedly missed deadlines in an agreement to make its technology comply with Auckland's long-awaited Hop ticketing system.

Snapper was allowed to install its own ticketing system in buses belonging to it sister company NZ Bus, providing the technology would work with Hop.

A letter from lawyers for Auckland Transport says Snapper has admitted it will not make the November 30 deadline, further delaying the integrated system.

The letter says Auckland Transport has run up $500,000 in additional costs and these will rise by $600,000 a month, which it will seek from Snapper.

However, Snapper's chair Rhoda Philippo, insists the company will make the deadline.