27 Jun 2012

Defence opens in Scott Guy case

7:48 pm on 27 June 2012

The defence has opened at the trial of Ewen Macdonald, who is before the High Court in Wellington accused of murdering Feilding farmer, Scott Guy in July 2010.

The Jury has been told by the defence lawyer, Greg King, that the evidence presented by the Crown is not enough for them to find his client guilty.

In his opening address Mr King told the Court that it was to Ewen Macdonald's eternal shame that he initially lied about his involvement in vandalism and other attacks on Scott and Kylee Guy's property.

However he said during 40 hours of police interviews his client told the truth about the murder.

Mr King is calling two defence witnesses - an electrical engineer and an American firearms expert, but Ewen Macdonald will not be giving evidence.

Earlier on Wednesday the Crown closed its case with evidence from two firearms experts.

A forensic scientist told the jury there was no physical interaction between Scott Guy and his killer at the scene where he died.

Kevan Walsh told the Court he was present at a post mortem on Scott Guy's body and also examined the murder scene.

He said in his opinion the distance between Mr Guy and the shooter would have been between three and six metres.

He said often it is supposed that there may have been some interaction between the shooter and the victim but in this case the distance between them would have been too great for that to happen.

Earlier Mr Walsh told the court that a shot to Scott Guy's neck killed the Feilding farmer and a second, as he was falling, left shotgun pellets in his cap and forearm.

He agreed with previous evidence from a pathologist who said that a shot to Scott Guy's neck caused the fatal wound.

Mr Walsh said damage to Mr Guy's cap indicated some shotgun pellets had struck his forearm and face and travelled upwards into the cap.

He said he found pellet marks in the fence line and a tree at the site where Scott Guy died, and found shotgun wadding near the fence.