22 Oct 2008

Group says anti-abortion advert oversimplified

3:59 pm on 22 October 2008

A group that supports abortion claims a new television campaign by the Right to Life organisation is oversimplified.

Three advertisements containing statistics and the slogan "Abortion: it's just not right" are being broadcast in primetime slots.

Right to Life says it hopes the week-long campaign will encourage voters to back a party that opposes abortion.

It says the campaign is not aligned with a particular party and the advertisements are primarily aimed at young women.

The Women's National Abortion Action Campaign says many of the statistics used are questionable and oversimplified.

It says it is typical the campaign is trying to control women's views rather than men's.

Right to Life says it hopes to show more advertisments in future.

Statistics New Zealand says 18,380 abortions were performed in New Zealand in 2007, compared with 17,930 in 2006, 17,530 in 2005, 18,210 in 2004 and 18,510 in 2003.