29 Jun 2012

Olympic athletes warned to be careful about social media use

11:30 am on 29 June 2012

The New Zealand Olympic team chef de mission Dave Currie says he expects all athletes to abide by international guidelines on using social media during the London games.

At the time of the Beijing Olympics four years ago, only 6 million people used the social networking site Twitter and 100 million used Facebook.

Now the number on Twitter is closer to 500 million and 900 million people use Facebook.

The International Olympic Committee has released guidelines for athletes on how to use the social media.

It asks athletes to post, blog or tweet in first-person, diary-type format and that they avoid talking about other events or competitors.

Athletes are permitted to post photographs online but any video taken at an Olympic arena is for personal use only.

Chef de mission Dave Currie says he trusts athletes to use social media cautiously.

He says social media is an important tool for Olympians to let fans and family know about their experiences in London next month.