4 Nov 2008

Glassie murder trial hears evidence on blood samples

10:09 pm on 4 November 2008

The jury in the Nia Glassie murder trial has been told that of the 19 blood samples tested by forensic scientists, only four matched the toddler's DNA.

Brothers Wiremu and Michael Curtis deny murdering the three-year-old in July last year, while her mother Lisa Kuka, Oriwa Kemp and Michael Pearson deny manslaughter.

The trial is being held at the High Court in Rotorua.

A Crown witness, DNA specialist Jayshree Patel told the court the 19 blood samples tested by ESR scientists, were taken from various rooms, furniture, bedding and items of clothing at the Frank Street house in Rotorua.

Blood stains from a green sweatshirt and an orange skivvy provided a match to the toddler, as well samples from jeans and a T-shirt taken from her body at Auckland's Starship Hospital.

The jeans also had blood from an unknown male which matched blood found on a tumble dryer at the property.

However, none of the mattress, bedding or carpet blood stains provided a match to the toddler, who the Crown contends died following a prolonged period of abuse from the accused.