6 Nov 2008

Application for costs dismissed by Supreme Court

3:24 pm on 6 November 2008

The Supreme Court has dismissed an application for costs from one of the people who abducted a boy in Hamilton in August 2006.

Nikala Taylor pleaded guilty to abducting the six-year-old child a few days before she was to face trial.

Her application for costs was against the boy's father, Chris Jones. It related to a successful appeal by Taylor against a writ of habeas corpus issued against her by Mr Jones during the five-month period his son was missing. The writ was issued to try to gain the release of his son.

The Supreme Court says normally a successful appellant could expect costs, but the fact that Taylor has now admitted her involvement made an award of costs inappropriate.

The boy's mother, Kay Skelton, and his grandfather, Dick Headley, also pleaded guilty at the start of a trial last week in the High Court in Hamilton.