13 Nov 2008

Nightclub woman names bouncers

3:53 pm on 13 November 2008

A woman who was in a Christchurch nightclub on the night a patron died has, for the first time, named two people she saw fighting with the man before his death.

An inquest is being held into the death of Barry Coleman, who was found in the stairwell of Wicked Willie's in 1996.

Three people were originally charged over Mr Coleman's death - one with murder and two with assault - but all charges were dropped after a private investigator uncovered flaws in the police case.

On Wednesday, Alesha Ayers, a nightclub dancer, said she saw two bouncers "bullying" a very drunk Mr Coleman at the bar.

She was challenged by their lawyers because this was her first mention of their names, despite having given three statements in the past 12 years on the matter.

Ms Ayers told the court she had previously been confused, and did not learn the bouncers' names until after giving her statements.