20 Nov 2008

Bullet casings found near Jhia's home, court told

9:35 pm on 20 November 2008

A detective has told the High Court in Wellington about bullet casings and fragments found around a Wanganui house where a toddler was fatally shot.

Detective Glen Toy was giving evidence at the trial of six men accused of murdering two-year-old Jhia Te Tua in May last year.

Mr Toy told the court on Wednesday an examination of the scene turned up ammunition for both a .303 and a .22 rifle.

A sawn-off .22 rifle was found in a rubbish area in the backyard of the house next to the Te Tua home.

Mr Toy said that the rounds of .22 ammunition found on the Te Tua property were live and had not been fired and could have been used in the rifle found in the neighbouring yard.