20 Nov 2008

Pregnant disabled woman's car clamped

10:16 pm on 20 November 2008

CCS Disability Action says a company was wrong to clamp the vehicle of a heavily pregnant woman in a wheel chair.

Meika Reid told Nine to Noon that her car was clamped in a mobility park at Eastgate Shopping Centre in Christchurch earlier in November.

Ms Reid says she displayed a valid mobility sticker. But she says the worker from the New Zealand Wheel Clamping Company told her the expiry date was obscured by her dashboard.

She says she spent two-and-a-half hours fighting to have her car released.

CCS runs the mobility parking scheme and the organisation's Christchurch manager Dave Matthews says Ms Reid's wheel should never have been clamped.

"So in this very unfortunate case where apparently the date of the card wasn't clear, all the guy had to do was ring out office, give the card number and we would have confirmed that it was a valid card."

Mr Matthews says the New Zealand Wheel Clamping Company is employed by the shopping centre.

The complaint is one of several about clamping practices at the mall, and the Ministry of Transport says it is looking at ways of regulating the industry.

The ministry says that may involve allowing parking wardens on to private properties including the centre's car park.