20 Aug 2012

Morning Report: local papers

7:44 am on 20 August 2012

Monday's headlines: More than 17,000 people are wanted on arrest warrants for evading police; former Environment Minister Nick Smith dismisses concerns about cracking; call for wearing of life jackets to be compulsory in small craft.

NZ Herald

The top story in The New Zealand Herald says more than 17,000 people are wanted on arrest warrants for evading police, some dating back as far as January 2004. Of those, over 9000 are wanted in Auckland alone.

The paper also reports on ongoing repercussions at the Auckland Council after a senior manager was publicly accused of bullying of six employees.

Waikato Times

The Waikato Times reports Maori business heavyweight Waikato-Tainui is considering selling a large slice of its hotel interests in Hamilton.

It's believed the tribe's commercial arm will retain a minority stake in Hamilton Riverview Hotels Ltd, before jointly offering a majority stake in the hotels along with Hamilton City Council.

Dominion Post

The Dominion Post reports a plea for more lifejackets to be worn after a man lost his life in Wellington harbour and a girl was swept out to sea in Hawke's Bay.

The incidents have prompted a call for the Government to make wearing life jackets compulsory in small craft.

Also on the front page: Jireh Winiata, aged 17 months, from Lower Hutt, is profoundly deaf and needs a second cochlear implant,

The Press

The Press reports a Christchurch man is calling for the immediate release of rockfall data after his home was given the all-clear, despite rocks smashing a tractor in half close to his door.

Warren Batchelor's property in Avoca Valley Rd is zoned green, but he's questioning the data after neighbours with fewer fallen rocks were zoned red on Friday.

Also on the front page: former Environment Minister NIck Smith says there's more to fear from the vibration of mobile phones than from the earth movements caused by fracking.

Dr Smith has dismissed concerns that fracking could trigger small earthquakes, saying the same was true for all sorts of engineering works, including constructing bridges and building piles.


The Otago Daily Times profiles the region's most dangerous roads. Twelve state highway intersections across the province have incurred a social cost of more than $30 million, resulting in five fatalities and 16 serious injury crashes between 2005 - 2011.

Former Skinhead gang member Trevor Clarke has been helped by an anonymous benefactor to have facial tatoos removed.

Mr Clarke, who now works with disadvantaged youth, says it's the start of a new life.