28 Nov 2008

Government urged to restrict trade unions

11:40 am on 28 November 2008

Business New Zealand is urging the Government to restrict the rights of trade unions in an overhaul of the Employment Relations Act.

In briefing papers to the new Government, the organisation also recommends changes to accident compensation insurance, local government, the Resource Management Act and other regulations.

Business New Zealand says a proposed 90-day trial for new employees should be included in law within the first 100 days of the new Government.

Other changes it wants include removing a preference for collective bargaining and stripping unions of their special recognition in the existing law.

The organisation says businesses face too many regulations and it backs a push by the ACT Party to introduce a Regulatory Responsibility Act.

On accident compensation, it recommends ACC be opened to competition, a policy that Radio New Zealand's political editor says National promoted during the election campaign.