24 Aug 2012

Jury retires for night over toddler murder charge

1:44 pm on 24 August 2012

A jury considering whether an Auckland man murdered his young daughter has retired for the night.

Seini Ikamanu died in hospital at the age of three in 2010 after being admitted with severe injuries to her head, shoulder and pelvis.

Kefu Ikamanu is accused of picking up the then two-year-old child and throwing her into a wall, before stomping on her pelvis.

He denies this, saying he grabbed Seini by the arm and tried to pull her close, but she spun out of his grasp and into a wall.

The jury of seven men and five women retired at about 11.15am on Thursday and deliberated for six hours before retiring.

Earlier, Justice Venning told the jury they should not let emotions about the young girl's death cloud their judgement of the facts of the case.

The judge said any feelings of prejudice or sympathy should have no place in the jury's decision.