24 Aug 2012

Nonagenarian's life savings turn up

11:25 pm on 24 August 2012

Greymouth police have recovered the life savings of a 90-year-old man which went missing last Friday.

The man, a war veteran, withdrew his life savings of $23,000 from a Greymouth bank then, but realised he had lost the cash later in the day.

Police say the man went to a cafe after taking the money out, but struggled to remember what he had done afterwards.

The money was found on Thursday, hidden in the man's house, and Constable Deane Harbison says it was a big relief for everyone involved.

Constable Harbison says the police were overwhelmed with offers of donations after people heard the story of the lost money, including calls from people in the United States and Canada.

He says the police turned away all the offers when the money was found.