25 Aug 2012

'Assume it's human until 100% sure': deerstalkers

4:36 pm on 25 August 2012

The Deerstalkers Association says reducing the number of hunting permits available will not stop hunting deaths.

Christopher Dummer was on Friday sentenced to nine months in prison for careless use of a firearm causing death, over the shooting of 29-year old Cam McDonald, in Aorangi Forest Park in April.

National Deerstalkers Association president Tim McCarthy says if hunters identify their targets and are certain it is a deer, these situations should not happen.

He advises that until hunters can be 100% certain their target is a deer, they should assume it is another human being in the bush.

"Then you're not getting that big hype about 'is it a deer or is it not a deer' and I think you really need to stop and think before you squeeze the trigger because there are two things you cannot take back: one is the spoken word and the other is a speeding bullet."