1 Dec 2008

Colossal squid moved to Te Papa for display

3:43 pm on 1 December 2008

Te Papa's colossal squid exhibit was moved through central Wellington streets from a laboratory to the main museum on Monday.

The squid was caught by a New Zealand fishing crew and later examined by scientists before a worldwide audience via webcam.

The 500-kilogram squid was moved in its tank from Te Papa's laboratory in Tory Street to the main museum on Wellington's waterfront.

The three-tonne load was winched onto an airlift truck early in the morning, and made its way slowly towards the museum, where it arrived at 5.20am.

Te Papa spokesperson Jane Keig said getting the squid down a ramp at Te Papa caused a some concern.

"We had forklifts on either side of the tank - one had its brakes full on, the other one was pushing, and they were lifting the tank as well, trhing to keep it level."

The colossal squid exhibition will open on 13 December.