5 Dec 2008

Petrol prices drop again

3:30 pm on 5 December 2008

The retail price of petrol and diesel is down again by 4 cents per litre.

The price of unleaded 91 petrol at most BP, Caltex, Mobil and Shell outlets is $1.39.9 per litre and 95 octane petrol is $1.44.9 per litre.

Shell has also cut the price of diesel by four cents to $1.16.9 per litre.

Shell says the falling cost of refined oil and the value of the New Zealand dollar are both factors in the drop.

Gull Petroleum also cut its prices and is selling its ethanol blended mix for just under $1.36.9 per litre.

Oil companies cut their retail prices by five cents a litre early last week and the Automobile Association on Thursday predicted another price cut.

Retail petrol prices fell six times, by a total of 29c during November.