5 Sep 2012

Coromandel orchard has kiwifruit vine disease

10:59 pm on 5 September 2012

The kiwifruit vine disease PSA has been confirmed at an orchard in Coromandel following further tests.

On Wednesday, a second laboratory test revealed a positive result for PSA-V, the virulent form of the bacterial disease, on Gold 9 vines at an orchard in Whenuakite.

Kiwifruit Vine Health says it has not been identified at any other orchards in the area and a control zone 10km around the infected block remains in place.

Growers in that area are being advised to monitor their orchards extensively, report suspicious symptoms immediately and implement and maintain a protective spray programme.

Andrew Hill, a Kiwifruit Vine Health coordinator and orchard owner, says the confirmation could pose a major problem for other Gold variety growers, who may now need to consider growing a different variety of kiwifruit.

PSA-V has now been found on more than 1300 kiwifruit orchards in Bay of Plenty, Waikato, south Auckland and Coromandel.