9 Dec 2008

Crown begins closing address in toddler murder case

7:48 pm on 9 December 2008

A High Court jury in Wellington has been told that the question of whether anybody meant to kill a Wanganui toddler on the night she died is irrelevant.

The comment was made by Crown prosecutor Grant Burston in his closing address at the trial of five men accused of murdering two-year-old Jhia Te Tua in May last year.

Mr Burston told the court that Hayden Wallace is charged with murder because he is accused of firing the fatal shot.

He said that the other four accused of murder are charged as parties because they were in the convoy which travelled to the home in Te Tua and they knew what was to happen there.

Mr Burston said that when a person joins with a group of gang members intent on retailiaton for an earlier gang attack knowing that one of the group has a rifle, he shares responsibility for the consequences.